Hi. İ need Help

Hello. I just started playing and I’m new. I worked two and built a ship. I went to Laggon Nebula last night to search for some mine. And I parked in space and got out of the car. Now the ship is not mine. I am a new player and very sorry. What should I do. Please help. Now not ship…not base…

One person from the game said today. There might be a problem with Rp. But I never know Rp is not enough. Please help me please.
My faction Zoo
My ship id 38376164

Lagoon nebula doesn’t need RP. Does the ship have a core still? Can you put one on?

What server are you on?

yes this ship have core… i m lagoon before armegadoon …:frowning: i dont know RP and My server HWS EU

Soooooooo That system is pvp. How long did you step away from it? and did you leave it close to either the warp in or the planet? Because it sounds to me like you got robbed.

noo…i m not roobbed… my ship name now HWS capital vessel…i think RP problem…
But I really did not know. I’m wondering if the ship will return. It’s very difficult to start over again.

PLease read the guide for more RP infos.
I switched the ship back to zoo.

Thank you very much. I will be careful after that. Lastly, I have HV in the big ship and I can get it right there and it is registered as HWS. I’m really oblivious to you.

HV id : 38757269

Thanks and good work.

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