Hi new player some noob questions :)

hi great server it seems :slight_smile:

Some questions, sorry if it has already been asked.

what is the range of the wipe around starter pve planets? can i just go into space near phobos for example and disconnect with my sv to not be wiped ? at which distance ?

For pvp as soon as i enter a pvp sector everything is on pvp space and planets until sector border ?

last question : is peacekeeper a planet like a save game when offline ?

sorry for my english

Thx a lot guys

Full system is wiped. To save - u need warp from it, any where u want (Ofc better to PK1-4 systems)

Yes. PvP-systems - thats PvP system, all system is battle-zone.

Peacekeeper - its system. We had 4 systems this type. Only PK4 had 3 planets. And yes, its safe and not wiped.

P.S.: Та с английским здесь у многих беда :smiley:

ok because i kept all my inventory while in space around phobos i think i made a mistake between full server wipe and pve starter wipe .

thx for answers :slight_smile:

u welcome :wink:

If you speak Russian, perhaps you should consider being a mod for a Russian channel :stuck_out_tongue:

If admins make an exception to the rules, or give us ru/ua-section on forum… Will be comfortable.

Well I can do that but won’t understand a thing. So if a drama starts on russian there feel free to fight it till the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. This section gonna help people with FAQ and some technical questions. All “drama-lovers” gonna be send in main sections. Im not the one, who love dat drama-topics.

hehe, well, have fun then x)

mmmm thx :smiley:

I’m gonna fill it with info about our server on next week, when get some free time. So get ready, I’ll ask if something gone wrong :wink: