High latency

I can’t seem to find the IP information anywhere, but want to streamline my connection from here in AZ to the server location to reduce latency. Can I get the information to try doing this?

if he gives out IP the server would be open for DDOS, nothing we want…

My ping hasn’t dropped beneath 100 ms since I started. I just wanted to streamline the dataflow path, and I know you don’t know me or have any reason to trust me, but I won’t give it out as it isn’t my place. I’m just trying to improve my play experience, I’m with a great group of dudes and really like playing, the latency makes PVP combat challenging though.

it wont help you, you just live far away from civilization :stuck_out_tongue:

What does streamline even mean?
I’m an ex ICT guy and seriously, you make a direct connection already to the server through DNS, after you’ve made connection, there’s nothing to optimize anymore. You can only forward ports, I suggest you forward port 30000–30004 both TCP/UDP on your router. That’s all you can do.
If people really wanted to DDOS the server, it would be easy to find the IP.
All he’s doing is not putting eye candy in front of them.

Just to be clear! You have no control over your packet path whatsoever after they left your router port. There is no such thing as streamlining unless you own the internet.

I suggest you kick the neighbours of your wifi :cry:

True but getting below 100ms from Australia is impossible if not the server is in that country.

if there was an way the community would not need to have both american and EU server.

Oh LOL he’s from Australia… didn’t read that at first…
Yeah you’re screwed buddy.

If anything, you’re lucky with only 100ms

Indeed finding the IP is easy but being like not smart and posting it voluntary to the empyrion server website or here is not my type.

The NA server is located in Canada.
The EU server is located in Paris.

Server in the multiplayer lobby have peeks. If you keep them search for very long time you might be able to see the servers. And connected once you can have them faster in the history tab.

If anything he can be lucky when nothing tries to kill him today…

Found it :wink:

This people, take this advice

Arizona, not Australia! We have crazy scorpions more than crazy spiders here