Holiday Suggestion

Make the entire universe PVE on Christmas weekend. Maybe even a “party planet” where everyone can go to smoke a little Omicron Ganja. :grinning:

Or make the whole world PVP, and we decrease core-number in all worlds :yum:
Making world PvP = saving planets from overcrowding!


or make the universe pirate free lol How boring would that be lol

SFA is already working on our part to this season :slight_smile:

But only for good guys not to @AlexAKM because he has been a bad boy i read. :joy: joke


Wow that stuff looks great!

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We have those too on PKA :slight_smile: But we have a snow planet so it fits the theme better.

Sadly the game turns off the lights at these distances… Game is not intended for the better PC’s…

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we got santa and sledge where not seen that. The xmas tree is awesome although not seen a present with my name on yet :frowning:

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Check out Whizzle’s base for the santa sledge. He even has cargo boxes on it (probably filled with cookies).

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Santa, come back! I wouldnt shoot u! (in first 2 mins ofc)


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