Homeworld base limit

I think the base limit is too low, this is just for homeworld, i think it would b more freedom to build base to get RP if the limit was two base per faction/alliance or even three but no more than three.
Reasons :
More freedom
Base meta (only one base) not working imo, its ok mayb for GG but not hw, GG is ok imo
Unable to spawn bp on ally base or repair or add turret
I agree to reduce base limit to kill big alliance but mayb overkilled it.
Point of hw is to build base there which atm cant b done and everyone want RP

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I agree.

A single base can be taken out by 3 SV pilots who know what they are doing. In order to truly setup a base of operations on a planet, you need at least 3 bases in order to be able to do it reasonably well. I think this is the case for HW and GG.

I agree with 1 base not being enough for an alliance(but it should be maximum 1 base per faction) for the RP gain and for defending your position.
However the size class limit should be lower than class 7 without doubt if an alliance can have multiple bases.

A single base needs 3 SV pilots to take it out?

No, we just need 1 Ranzeth to take out the base.

: )


Agreed with all. I think max size class 3 base and 1 per faction.

The big issues for PVP right now is that it’s too hard contending with the BA limits and that also takes away any reason to live in PVP. If you have a reason to live in PVP, fighting is more plentiful

If all want 3 Faction & 3 Alliance bases we still got an improvement over last season.

For HW and GG or only HW?

Only problem I see with this could be abused by splinter factions. There needs to be a hard limit on alliances or this will turn to another runaway situation.

One thing I would request though, if we up the base limit, disable pocket bases, aka elite builders only. You want more bases they should be done the hard way, not pop up bases.

Again: not possible. .

I think HW to start with. GG has bunkers and more bases would reduce the value of bunkers (and the high amount paid is already being felt by some factions due to the diminishing returns of GG this season.)

Either a base increase for HW. Or an expansion of the 10RP per day for any planet on the HW system. Maybe 10RP for HW planet, and 5rp for any of the ones around it like LavaWorld, IceWorld, Desertworld and so on. :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Also the HV limit seems a little bit…extreme. Feel free to keep the max 30 HVS but maybe make it 10 or even 5 per faction to prevent people doing what happened on old Arma in the old days with a thousand hovers outside a base. With 30 odd defence HVS surrounding a base. The lag is insurmountable.

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Unfortunately, I knew the answer to that already. But we all know that is exactly what will happen if its switched from per alliance to per faction.

I’d keep it per alliance, max of 3 to begin with. 3 seems like a nice round number; at least on EU.

Yes, one base per alliance is too excessively small, three per alliance sounds better. It almost feels wrong attacking just one base now. :I

PvE got a massive boost and I don’t want to let PvP stay in the rain.

After the restart you can have 3 Alliance Bases on Homeworld.


Nuke all deposits on Homeworld and only keep the crust. From my experience having 100+ deposits plus poi and all other assets trees rocks creatures is the reason the planet is unstable.

GG was good in the previous season only some fine tuning was needed like terrain wipe around the base and lower the antigrief from 1k to 500m. Now the planet is dead.



I agree Reven, i remember when Homeworld had the rainbow crust their tended to be a kind of gold rush and more pvp. Not sure if it will be as good as before though sense almost all resources can now be found in pve in abundance.

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  1. With the new planets we can only have max. 3 resource crusts available. Not all 12 resources anymore.
  2. Homeworld has already 3 resource crust resources on special places
  3. Voxel Deposits create alone zero lag. Only the drilling which is even more with resource crust.
  4. I might reduce the decoration even more or go again with a planet without water - water consumes some resources.
  5. I wouldn’t call Golden Globe dead if I look at the real visit / structure statistics. It’s just not free Gold anymore and either you fight for it in the Red Gold Arena Crater or do the PvE Trading boost.

But I’m still evaluating. It’s true that from season to season we change more than needed maybe.
Since we have a hard method of surface wipes again + EWS + Class 2, maybe the Gold crust resource can come back again next time.
But then the Bunkers have to be checked again… maybe… we do a little Bunker Community Content Contest: “Flying EGS Bunkers”. A cool flying Bunker only for SVs / Ninja Suicide HVs.
That way it wouldn’t be so overpowered with a golden curst + no anti grief.

If this is the case homeworld is broken massive lag and disconnect happen when no one was drilling.

In season 7.3 i think we had 10 to 15 players digging and started to get the disconnects when we where dropping the stone. This is not the case.

Something is terribly wrong on homeworld and possible other planets

With 8.7 hopefully history!

We can write a lot or I can sacrifice my sleep and check your Homeworld during your prime time.
Or you are a nice guy and help me and create a little video just showing all of the problems?

Because each time I check your playfields with issues “Silentely” I got no problems / lags.

I have 0 faith in eleons fixes
Go to sleep. Thanks for all the work

And i don’t want to convince you of anything. I have tried to many times in the past, and a video won’t show you anything more then what others have said.

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