Homeworld planet

Rex plz fix it, its impossible to play on this plane… its like evry 2seconds freez for 1-2seconds,: its not only about my pc i bet evryone lag and mostly they shold lag even more than i do. so if u cold remove the smoke from air i bet it wold help alot, and mby the terrain? well its greatly done realy! but its enought of resourses there it noneed if it cause lags.

Agreed, it is unplayable.the last few days I have been playing I started going to homeworld and golden globe and I get stuck in loading loops and cant get back into the game for hours at a time. Last night we had a big fight on homeworld and my screen was stationary for 90% of it, even though I was doing my best to be a moving target, it seems the person with the less stationary screen is likely to win. There was plenty of times when in just one fight with another sv that i would get a frozen screen and load back in to see that he has been blasting the crap out of my backside, only thing saving me was the armor I put back there lol. The times it wasn’t a stationary screen it was a 1-5fps slideshow lol, I’m curious do some people still find this fun? I was just simply frustrated. I tried to relog after I hobbled back to base* with 1 rcs remaining and couldn’t get back in the game, just loading loops then cannot send to dedicated server anymore and sent back to main screen. I gave up went to sleep, tried to log in today at same spot and i got my first crashlog. Yeah something needs to change i would like to be able to load in.

You should zip your crash log and send it to rex if you think its more of a problem. also sould away consider
it might be your internet conection or Hardware. If it isnt send it in.

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