Homeworld POI should be changed

To be honest, the single player POI on waterworld are cool with all that diving for wrecks, but the temples on homeworld are no fun.

Mobs are by far too strong, even with epic, heavy armor and 3 mods i am 2-hit or 3-hit for most mobs. Its not fun to be dead all the time.
The large, regular POI on the official servers are much more fun. Single raiding abandoned factory is really an adventure on its own.

Furthermore the reward for doing the temple POI is a bad joke… 5 stacks of magnesium powder…how cool ! :-((

Why do you need an epic weapon if there is no POI worth using it on ?

I would agree that the poi’s on homeworld are not working as well as I suspect they are intended to do.

HWS 7 will be a overall rework of pretty much everything.

I made a note about this. Thx.