Homeworld Server quit today where would you go?

Homeworld Server is working hard on this game.
what game would you like the Homeworld Server to start working on?

Elderscrolls VI, HL3 anyone willing to work on those are heros :slight_smile:

Space engineers would be glorious, but its just not stable enough for large population from what I have seen.

Conan Exiles… joke. Rexxus is doing a fantastic job.

Opposite to Eleon i must say.

I’ll probably bust out the old NES and teach my kids what it was like for me growing up. Just need to find an old tube TV for the zapper and let my 5 year old go to town on Hogan’s alley…

Better yet if I can find an old monochrome monitor (blk and grn) they can experience it in my full glory, sans color!


Freelancer. I know Rex could do a much better job than the servers currently running.