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[size=50]Our solar system is still alive but we managed to build our own space ships to travel around the galaxy. We discovered many new resources but also new enemies. To protect what we love we created a Defender Faction. That was our fortress and hope for humanity. But of course there are always people who just wants more and more. Soon the Warrior faction comes into play and with them the Mercanary Faction to help those who can pay their services. There are still faith in humanity and the Marketplace is the place where everyone can come together. Maybe for searching peace, maybe for selling illegale stuff, who knows. We can’t say who is more dangerous right now… the Aliens or the Humans who wants to claim the universe but we know that Hope never dies…

Claim your faction: Are you a brutal Warrior (WAR)? Are you a strong Defender (DEF)? Are you a sneaky Mercenary (MRC)? Or are you a good Trader (TRD)?[/size]

Updated story coming soon!

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500 years ago our civilization began to explore the stars. We have discovered many new resources, but powerful enemies as well. Despite the existential threat of an alien race, as humanities’ reach has extended across the galaxy political struggles and competition for resources have resulted in the creation of splinter factions each vying for control of their own sectors.

The Defenders were created to protect our way of life. The warrior faction believes that strength and force will secure their place in the stars. The Mercenaries prefer to sell their strength to the highest bidder. Traders still ply the trade routes profiting from the conflicts of other factions, but often falling prey to them as well.

Will humanity find the will to band together to fight off the alien threat? So far at least hope is not dead…

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Thanks Terran :slight_smile:
Very good thoughts and story setting.

I will create a new text to fit the current story of Traders, Alliances, Bounty Hunters, Lawless and Pirates soon. Fighting with Server Hardware at the moment :confused:
Feel free to add your thoughts that could be integrated in the story :slight_smile:

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