Homeworlds of the Commodity Trader



4 Planets are the Homeworlds of the HWS Commodity Trader.


A lot of water, dangerous Islands, high gravity and rough weather disguise the Home of the Antique Commodity Trader.
He does hide his commodities very good, only under PvE conditions but once you understand the nature of the planet, you will find him for sure.


After several Zirax experiments this planet is completely infested, PvE and full of toxic air. Make sure you bring as many Radiation Boosts with you as you can.
Only then you will find the Bio Commodity Trader at his last resort to sell you very strange Goods.


Not much is known about this planet yet, since PvP and the unstable weather conditions didn’t bring many survivors back who could report anything.
Some say the Component Commodity Trader has offered these Travelers a Deal which turned them to Robots.


In addition to PvP and a long century of conflicts, the planet is full of strange biomes, lava, rocks and weather.
The goal of the Weapon Commodity Trader is to only accept the best of the best for his deals. So far, none was worth it.