Hopefully for the next season

the Homeworld server does a good job and I know that you can not please everyone.
I’ve been playing since 4.0 and the last solar system that we had in 6.0 was totally awesome
unfortunately it was very sad to see that it could not be implemented
hopefully with the next season I’d like to see another planet like Armageddon
we had a lot of epic battles and a lot of fun even though they were a little bit buggy it was still fun
once again home World server thank you for your hard work

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Thanks for your words!

However we tried to pick only the best for 6.X.
We knew that Armageddon was great and even though we implemented three restarts again as before for that kind of purpose (PvP during prime time) we thought for now that Homeworld planet and Golden Globe would be enough for Hot Spots. A third action location seemed too much for such a small universe.

But let’s see for the next one how these two planets turn out.

Thanks for the feedback.


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