Hotel "Drunk astronaut"

In connection with the new restrictions on the number of bases, the hotel “Drunk astronaut” was opened in Strayom Sector by coordinates -951 | 322 | 11552

Advantages of our hotel over its own base:

  1. It is not necessary to spend fuel and oxygen on the maintenance of the base
    2 Free repair of your ships
    3 Convenient location near the Supergaet portal(<2km)

We have 2 types of rooms: 1. Ordinary room - 2 constructor, 2 furnace, 10 container - 100 000 credits per week

2 Vip room - 3 constructor, 3 furnace, 14 container + stripper with a pipe - 150 000 credits per week

striptease girl

Each resident receives a password from his room and devices


You may have to put boards over those windows and then make sure they have a generous coat of crappy paint on it. That way you can call it a gentlemen’s club and people on the outside wouldn’t know any different. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Better name would be “Drunk Cosmonaut” :grin:

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