How about lets calm down the warnings

Freelancer cryo lawless cryo alliance cryo freelancer cryo etc etc. are overcrowded please consider moving somewhere else.
There is nowhere else to go.

if you want people to play for 3 months but wipe where they land every 7 days they have to setup camp somewhere unless you want them to setup camp immediately in PVP with limited materials, which means they will get obliterated which means they will endup where they landed; which wipes every seven days.

A warning maybe 15 minutes before the daily reset would be plenty.

bottom left there are load sof pve planets people can go to!
they wipe the starter cores every 7 days for two reasons 1 to get people off the planet and to explore and 2 by wiping old bases and current ones makes room for new players to enter with out lag!

There is. People are just too comfortable with jumping.
At the moment 50% of perma PvE planets are overcrowded. Take a deep breath and move to the other empty PvE planets.

That the warnings should be made individually for the people who settle there is on @Jascha list…

@andreaHWpolice - maybe loads is an exaggeration, as there are exactly two planets.

@RexXxuS - I will look again. I have only found two.

What can you not see the map?
go to hws guid and you will see the univers map tellign you where all the pve planets are!

I circumnavigated one the big pve planets up north. 66 Km across…and totally empty.

So much pve room its quite ridiculous !

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