How can someone find my stuff almost 30k out?

So, am i right in thinking this means this dude destroyed my stuff and somehow managed to find it 26 thousand odd out in space o.O

Hi Storm -

I’m moving this into “Get Support” where these types of reports are typically shared for admins to look at.

That said, 26k is practically a stroll in the backyard. “deep space” is considered 50-200k out… Beyond 300k and you’re asking for the server to eat your stuff.

Its very likely they legitimately accidentally found your base and Carpe Diem.

  • Hops

Removed image to protect your privacy.

Can you let us know which structure (ID) (if many, one is enough) was destroyed and who attacked them?
Then I can check the situation. But as Hops said… its not really far out.

Thank you

Attacker was Groovin

Lets not forget the warp bug. Sometimes people can respawn in the medic station of someones elses base/CV in deep space.

Why was imaged removed for privacy? Im confused on that one XD


50572376 is the one to look at…

But there is no record on here about the base and 2 CVs o.O they are non existed apparently? Also “hoover”? whats that supposed to be XD

I am so confused right now ;(

Dunno about the first image but that one showed all your structures - not good :wink:

We will look into it

Looks like the admins got ya, but a few bits of advice:
1: The reason they removed the pic was likely because it showed coordinates of your remaining ship.
2: 26k is NOT safe. Render distance is about 3 km, and there are a lot of devoted raiders out there. As the radius of their search increases though, so does the area, and thus decreasing the chances of being found. As a general rule, I recommend no closer than 50k. On top of that, your azimuth (the direction you travel) is important. If it is level to the playfield, straight out of a warp, towards the sun, etc, it will be searched first. Pick a random direction, turn off front thrusters, and make a sammich. When you come back, stop, and base there :slight_smile:

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Privacy concerns being a) you broadcast your structure locations, and b) Your photobucket is wide open, and the other photos you have contain sensitive information that can potentially be used for identity theft,

:slight_smile: We care!

for example 24.08 owed to ebay, and other various sundries. :slight_smile:
I couldn’t help myself.

I was actually there. I showed up as your stuff was being cored. A guy named John something LED MY BUDDY Taco straight to your CV’s in a SV while he fled from taco’s SV… We were smashing on PIR’s/RED’s bases all night last night. JOHN grabbed his CV and warped out… Taco then told me to hurry to him he “found some CV’s” and then I as well as Groovin/Ezze all went out there to smash your stuff. Sorry somebody led taco there…?

There was a SV named Ice fury, that’s the SV John ran to deep space with.

Urg its moments like this that i hate this game, this is probs the 3rd time now me and my buddy have tried to pick ourselfs back up after having our stuff deleted by the server o.O

Didnt have the stuff to protect the base correctly so as you guys probs noticed it was basic with not alot there.

Thanks for making me now stranded in space XD

It is okay, everything on this is fine to be on the Internets as its not my own personal information :smiley:

hm it all looks legit. Sorry. Not sure what colin was talking about, but Groovin stumbled upon your stuff while returning from even deeper in space. so not even due to the Warp-bug.

@StormRazer_PP nothing personal man add me on steam I’ll hook you up with some resources, I might be mistaken… We did kill a CV 26.4k away from planet last night and I thought this was it… I’m not 100% sure but I can give you enough resources to spawn a couple of those CV’s. :sweat_smile:

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Ye? there was 2 crappy CVs 2 crappy SVs and really poorly made base XD sound about right?

Yeah whoever is was that made it out there with 1 CV first, warped away is what I was told. :frowning: sorry once again… Just add me on steam hit me up sometime I can help you out.

If you want to run on NA go Free lancer and We got tons to help you out with. I’ll make Groovin give you things. =P

By politely requesting since he’s an WKN leader too lol.