How can TAF find CVs parked 30km out in space?

Logged in today to find my ships gone.
Two CV’s with several SV’s docked. All in faction. Parked 30km out in space in HW system.
TAF faction on the intruder log.
:star_and_crescent:Fraude - Eren

27 deaths on attack apparently for :star_and_crescent:Fraude - Eren
2 deaths on attack for FeliciTaa.

How did they find ships 30km out in space? Have the LOS settings been changed again? Seems unlikely ships could be found by randomly flying out 30km in the right direction.

Thanks guys for elimintating all my ships and resources.

Trolling deep orbit.

It happends. they can also be lucky or something like that.

30k isnt that much.

I don’t buy it Zap. 30km wasn’t much in old money, but with the way LOS is set now its plenty.

I hope it wasn’t the result of something like the clone chamber bug,

It can be… It happends alot in space where there is alot of lag.

Well if it was a result of the clone chamber bug then it was an exploitation of that bug.

The real question is “how much space are you hiding in” You think 30k out is a long ways but remember you can see a ship from 3k away. That’s a 6k diameter bubble of you ship being seen. At 30k out from the planet you are only 5 of those bubbles from the planet. Now what are the chances you could be spotted if someone just went off in a random direction.

The volum of a 30k radius sphere is 1.13 x 10,14th or 113,000,000,000,000. Meanwhile the volume of the 3k radius sphere is 1.13 x 10, 11 or 113,000,000,000. So now how many times can the small sphere fit in the big sphere? well 113,000 / 113 (dropped the zeros they have in common) you get 1000… but small spheres cant fill a big sphere perfectly. there is always left over space. So you multiply it by .74… and you get 740. So in the 30k sphere around the planet you can only fit 740 3k radius spheres. But does that mean they had a 1 out of 740 chance to find you? NO! Why? B/c remember a lot of these spheres are in line with each other. If you take a direct rout back to the planet you pass through 5 of them. So now you take 740 divided by 5 and you get 148. So at 30k out from the planet the chances of someone randomly going in the right direction to find you is 1 out of 148. NOT THAT MUCH!. If they are working with friends or use reference points to coordinate their search it is completely likely… not just possible that they will run across you or someone else at such a small range.

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I wont pretend my math is good enough enough to keep up with what you just posted… but assuming its correct… that’s some helpful info for folks :slight_smile:


A 6km diameter bubble would only be relevant if the ship could be approached from “behind”. Your example/maths is based on a straight line trajectory from the planet. We are only practically dealing with a 3km radius hemisphere that faces the planet.

If we are allowing for approach from behind then the route that the searcher follows has to overshoot the sphere and then a course change is needed to encounter it on the way back. Model that…

Your maths also only applies to a one planet model. The systems being searched have 7 planets. Should we sit and work out how long it would take two people to search a 7 planet system along every trajectory out to 27km from every planet? How about if we allow for searches out to 50km and changes to the return trajectory and calculate the odds of encountering the sphere from the void facing hemisphere side.

No one is coordinating searches in the way you suggest. In this specific case there were only two people. Putting aside the fact that such a search would be pure tedium as far as game play goes. If your assertion was true - deep orbit parked ships would be being found and raided everyday. They are not. This particular ship sat idle for several weeks undisturbed.

Not sure if you were bored or what. But as everyone is not tripping over deep parked CVs I didn’t find the point very constructive.

Stop being a sore loser :). Your stuff wasn’t nearly as safe as you thought it was. I tried using math and logic to show you that but you want to poke holes in it. You imagined your stuff was so far out that it would be a 1 in a million chance of finding it and instead it was like 1 in a couple hundred. Doesn’t matter if you have 7 planet or 28. The planets are fairly close together regardless of the system. You might increase the odds to 1 out of 300 or so. Until like you said if they dont go in a a stragith line. If they zig zag or spiral around or just maintain a distance at say 30k where it seems most people parts for whatever reason they that take that 1 of 300 and drop it drastically. And yes people are tripping over hidden fleets in deep safes all the time. They just dont advertise it b/c as the victim they dont want people to know who dumb they were. And as the attacker they dont want people to realize how vulnerable they are.

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Every time I’ve seen something 30-50k from the nearest planet it’s because a white ship icon appeared and the lack of PvP I spent 10 minutes going to find it.

Hey, thanks for all the assumptions about “what I thought” and deeply patronising tone. Good job.

Sorry I didn’t realise I wasn’t supposed to “poke holes” in your maths and that you are completely right and the total voice of authority on the subject.

Thanks for sorting it all out.

Maybe trying a bit more collegiate in your future forum posts, you might get better responses.

I’m off to fly out to 30k from a random planet in a random system and get that guaranteed ship I’m assured I will find.

Vodor’s comment is relevant, ships are most often found due to the white icon appearing on radar, either due to spawning a new ship, changing faction, or forgetting to put it in faction…or from the clone chamber glitch (being killed on planet or in system but respawning at another factions clone chamber on their ship.

Sometimes you stumble on a ship if your out searching, sometimes…not often.