How do donations work?

I was painting my Res-Q Wagon ships fire-engine chartreuse when some questions about donations popped into my head:

[li]After setting up a one-time or recurring donation, how long does it usually take for in-game items to appear?[/li]
[li]Is there a way to see the monthly goal for server expenses so we can see how our donations are helping?[/li]
[li]Nobody likes pay-to-win, but some perks for donations are always awesome. What factors does the admin team consider when rebalancing the game to keep donations from becoming too powerful?[/li]
[li]Can someone donate on another player’s behalf as a gift to both server and other player?[/li][/ul]


Hello indigo

First of all did you donate? One guy needs still to answer me because he forgot to mention his username in PayPal.

So here is a good overview about donation

  1. In EU about minutes. In NA max 7 hours if I’m sleeping in this time
  2. The page I posted shows it. About 290 dollar per month for 2 servers. But a detailed overview is a good idea to implement
  3. Here was a discussion about it too viewtopic.php?f=7&t=208#p939. We have a special system which takes your playtime for perks. No other server has this and it was never an issue for us. Before eleon announced his monetasion we already don’t wanted a pay to win server. And even after the announcement we did not open the p2w party like others.
  4. Yes people already did this. Just say who belongs it too

If you have any other question let us know


Thanks for the information, RexXxuS. Hopefully if anyone else has these Qs they’ll have searchable As. :slight_smile: