How do I caim back my CV? PVE Theft on a Guardian Starter Planet?

Hello, I am currently stuck in my CV on the Guardian Starter Planet. The core now reads “CV_Player” I logged out last night and it was still under my name CNDBaconWarrior. I cannot open the doors to get out so my play has halted on the NA PVP server. I have a HV and SV in the hanger of the CV that are still cored to me as proof it was my CV. It is sitting next to a base with the (30C) tag on it. No idea how it got there unless thats the guy that recored it.

I read the rules and may have overlooked the CV limit per faction on a starter planet. I apologize for doing so and would like to claim my CV back and leave the Guardian Starter world.

Please help and thank you for giving us a wonderful server to play on.

faction CNDBconWarriors (CND)
Guardian Start Planet
Base structure ID : 12506522
Hover Vehicle ID : Hermy (HV) 13600005 (currently in the CV)
SV ID : SCOUT (SV) 14437142 (currently in the CV)
The name on the CV is PROMETHEUS, I do not have the ID as it was removed from my structures list.

I hope this is enough info to proceed.

allrighty, turns out some fella named T C of faction 30C took my CV after I recored it and forgot to set it back to Private. I admit, stupid mistake on my part but there is a rule that you cannot steal on a starter plane. I will wait for an admin to contact me and get it resolved.