How does Offline protection work in HWS

Hello Every one

Does offline protection work in HWS?
If I understand correctly… offline protectors only works for faction CV and BA e.g. [FED] Base
But flying around on all the heavy populated planets,I have not seen any blue shields.

Do I still build an offline protector in my base via constructor? or is it a CB: command?


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There is no Offlince Protection on HWS servers because after month of testing it is approved that this device causes more problems than it solves.
It is buggy, exploitable and creates more frustration in the long run than it helps.

The Offline Protection on HWS is

  1. your OCD
  2. your Orbital Auto Miner
  3. Origin / Reputation restricted planets
  4. live far out in space
  5. Origin alliances to protect you