How does the team fa:scan?

Can someone write how the team fa:scan?
I have never located on the map.
And if that doesn’t work, so remove it from the description…

fa:scan should check the area around you (10k as a bounding box). If a pirate is near you it will respond. Otherwise not.
Works only in orbit.

Pirate? Or just a pirate/lawless faction owned object?

What does it mean to react? I thought it will show on the map the pirate ship - but nothing shows except for the inscription that the enemy is found…

Exactly. You can try to work with a few friends to find the enemy or do it alone. Set your CV as a waypoint, jump in your SV and fly around staying within 10km and hope you find them.

I can do it without a team to do the question is why is it necessary if nothing shows…

Nothing can show on the map. It’s just chat.

Knowing that there is nothing within a 10k radius is just as helpful really. I wish pirates could scan.

I understand - this team is just useless… unfortunately all of the roles here, only the pirates clear…

team = ability?

If you think it is useless go Lawless or Pirate, yeah.
Also something will take care of in 5.0.

A pirate player / structure as far as I know

team = ability?

I meant that the only role of a pirate on this server understandable.

If fa:scan does not show the location on the map, it does not need. Look for ships in space can any faction.

Imagine you are in a very dark room. You can’t see ANYTHING, ok?
3 meters behind you are laying 3.000.000 dollars on the ground.

Now 2 situations:

  1. you don’t know it. Really don’t know that there is money in the room.
    You just would say “wtf, turn on the light, I want to go outside”

  2. someone is calling to you “hey, in this room you can find 3.000.000 dollars on the floor”.
    You would search like crazy. Robbing at the ground and search till you got it


Anyways up to you. 5.0 will have something different maybe.

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fa:scan - it doesn’t show 3 000 0000 there or 1 cent. :relaxed:
But I understand how it works now.

Good luck!

You don’t think having an arrow on the map, indicating where the enemy is, would be MASSIVELY overpowered?
If fa:scan would show the enemy on the map, then everyone of the server would play alliance …

In a scenario where Alliance have that ability, i could see the other factions having similar “special”-abilities:

  • Pirates get a “cloak” that lets them appear/disappear at will (out of combat, of course)
  • Traders is the only faction able to build and operate AMD’s, actually making traders useful for anything
  • Hunters get a shield, effectively doubling their HP

… I’m not being ironic or anything, none of this is completely crazy (I think)
Honestly tho, hunters should be the ones with fa:scan and alliance the ones with the shield =)

Not crazy at all.

Let’s all go hunter guys while we get 2 multi-accs as traders to AMD for us and we pay/mult-acc for the fa:scan so we can use all bonuses at the same time.

I still believe that you should be able to join any faction you like, and then chose the perks manually somehow. Because otherwise there will only be faction abuse, like there is now all over the place. And even then there will be imbalances.

We have actualy tryed this in hardcore level.

We started by setting upp a grid so we know whats n/s/w/e/u/d

Then we did this.

1: FA:scan = shows yes there is a pirate.
2: Go N 10000m - Scan again empty
3: Go S 10k - Scan again (Hit)
4Go W 10k scan again (Hit)
Up, down and Easit didnt show anything.

When we got 2 hits we have a small box to concentrate on. 5k5k5k. We traveled that box for 1 hour and still didnt find anything.

This was done by 3 players in cordination and took 3 hours in total.

So in conclusion i would say that mayeb if you have like 10 players and everyone understands the map and DI commands you can check out a space. But then ist faster just to fly it.

FA:Scan is broken and has always been. its one of the most useless commands i have seen. Sorry Rexxxus but we have told you this since 2.0. IT DONT WORK IN REAL LIFE.

I am still hoping that they change FA:scan so we can scan all the time. That would actualy give us some way to find bases and ships in space after a long time scanning.

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