How i defeated the BA's sniping! By config to HWS!

Hello all. Like you know we have some manual fire buff on some turrets (i mean Arty). Many people suffer from it. When enemy kill their bases by couple of arty. And defender BA’s cant defend it self.

Tests was be maked on dedi server and on HWS too.

So i start dig depper and found the problem. Like you already know we impliment config with new BA’s ranges yesterday. I want to say thank you to - Op4 NA faction for they perseverance and to @colin2cold personaly.

So you can see how it be… I just put here some short cuted videos.

p.s. I dont know what it is… Just devs feature (cut the AI range for arty and little for Flak - 15m) i think (like they say long time ago). But it is feature do not perfect for a PVP. I cant change it (AI) but i can push the BA’s be more defensive by change overal turrets range and balance it with each other. What i was make!

And for time i continue to try to make more accurate balance for it, Have fun and Merry Christmas!!!


I love it and I think it’s very smart idea making shoot arty from center of structure, now if they want to snipe they have to build in grief range “try to” without dying from turrets. Very smart fix! Good job my man @A.F.T thank you. I will be back in game, couple days to try it out. Merry Christmas to you as well as everyone else. :clap::heart:️:sweat_smile::gift:

Yeah! But about arty - it is devs making! Not i! I just figure out it and fix by replace other turrets ranges. You can place arty far away from the BA but you always can take only +50m from manual fire. But then enemy turrets start shoot to it (with HWS config).

I personally prefer having the ablity to snipe with turrets - it’s risky, it’s fun and there is risk to setting up with it. It is also easily countered by your enemy because they can also just snipe with turrets. That’s just my opinion though.

Now we need to debuff SVs so they can’t tank bases anymore.

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You can try it with plasma rocket and pulse. But with the same chances vs the enemy. It is really risky now.


Well done A.F.T :slight_smile:

It’s also mine. I remember sniping at 1.5 km distance when artillery projectile drop off was in the game, defender took his sv, found me and killed me in less than 5 minutes.
If you build a base you should defend it, territory ownership should require player presence, not instantly putting a base on ground out of your pocket factory.

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I’d love it if they made you have to build each base block by block in PvP. Then if the enemy didn’t notice me building a base at their door step they’d have no one to blame but themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

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AFT well done, this is going to make dropping bases more sustainable cirtainly in the case of golden globe

i peraonaly want to thank all the people involved in working together to sort this problem out, this totaly proves
in people work together and flag things up even if somwhat a little late!, we can improve the game for all.

If you have factions that are left void now that base sniping is down you could look at the posibility at buffing the recon, and that will give some abillity to attack a base at there own risk?.

or reworking a new Garage ship. Mabby ACP work a ship up and submit it to the managment and see what happens. i agree we still need a way to atack a base but it needs to be regulated.

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Just need to make it so you can’t drop BP bases on PvP and the problem would be solved.