How I recover my cv when he has taken it HWS?

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: My sv was taken by hws
Player(s) with issue: EL PUTO CID
Server: hws eu
**Time (cb:time):**saturday 18 de noviembre
Playfield: lawlest moon
**Structure Name(s):starther-ship
**Structure ID(s):I dont know

How can we help you now: give me my sv please :frowning:

Try again. You dont have anything listed in your notice for help…

You need to fill out everything there in orange.

You need to put in all the info, click the pencil to edit.

already complete it

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Was your sv set to faction or private btw

I think I put it in private, because those of my clan started to do sv and I thought I could have one in private

Its back to your faction. Please make sure to write the correct names next time. or give us the ID.

ok thank you very much you are the best and you are doing a great job.