How Should I Do This?

Happend to me too, as the Trader - Attack Rule got changed. I didnt know there was a change, it was nowhere mentioned.

the admins do our best to let people know of changes. This change was not new, but the rules didn’t reflect it. Now that you know where the limits are maybe you can help educate people.

The PVE over crowding is the #1 cause of lag on the server. both Peacekeeper 4 and Destiny are right at their limits.
Just be glad I don’t make the rules. I’d delete all unamed ships and reduce the pve space.

If u would make some announcements on FORUM, in Server news, about changes in rules, that wouldnt make so much problems to us in game.

I got news about changes of rule IN GAME, by getting dat warning… Im not so “new”, but if I wouldnt catch dat warning, i gonna lie to new players, bc of my unknowingly… this changes go so quiet, that even old players didnt know about them…