How to change faction?

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What happened: I died on Golden Globe and restarted on Cryo; Then I selected another faction than I had before; Now I noticed that this obviously caused that I have no longer access to my base (which belongs to the old faction “Architects” [ARC] on Freelancer HQ.
Player(s) with issue: Nolan414
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 11-02-2017 Afternoon
Playfield: Cryo
Structure Name(s): No access
Structure ID(s): No access
How can we help you now: How can I change faction membership back to ARC?

Do you mean faction or Origin?
when you die you don’t leave or change the faction so I don’t quite understand.

Hi RexXxus,
I mean faction.
When I passed the initiation procedure to get the free SV, I was asked to select a faction. I didn’t think much, created a new faction “Augsburg Friedberg” [Aug] and joined it as sole member.
At the moment, I am still on Cryo F1.
When I checked my base on Freelancer HQ on the HWS Server, I couldn’t find it any more and realized that the base is obviously still linked to [Arc].

hmm ok I see… strange though you had to restart completely.

I changed you to faction “ARC”, even though yesterday you was in faction “Arc”. And overall I don’t see any structure from ARC or Arc on the server anymore.

Was the planet wiped?
I started on sunday from Freelancer HQ to Black Hole and on Freelancer HQ everything was OK.
Or is it possible, that the structures on Freelancer HQ were switched to the newly created faction [Aug]?

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