How to dock like a boss

I also managed to dock it floating and diagonally on horizontal armor blocks and various other nonsense. I EVEN managed to dock it to a ship that wasn’t mine and that was set to faction (bug?).

It does not rotate along with the turret (sadly) but still interesting.


I should just make beetle ships or ships that look like insects and dock them on odd places everywhere. Maybe a beehive :smiley:

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Counts as landed :). Out of all spots I crashed into the christmas tree but landed = landed.

The ship below is actually landed…

How to do something like that? Go to a powered off ship with weird physics like that one, press N from inside another ship. This will update the physics or something and causes the ship to jump, bounce, fly, jiggle, etc. randomly until it lands really weird. I guess this is just yet another bug… It can even teleport or teleport inside other ships, BA’s, SV’s, etc.

Another nice dock (I’m seriously it is actually docked like this):

Another one where I landed stable with just the tail touching that circular structure while the rest if floating (this is the position I docked my SV on in the previous post):

I’m getting this feeling, just a slight feeling, that the physics/gravity are not correctly handled by the server. For example, I fall down faster with thrusters enabled than disabled… Also makes… no sense but okay. Physics in Empyrion ftw.

This all only works for powered off ships. Disabling thrusters alone is not enough. You gotta power off your ship first before you start to create art.

These are really game breaking bugs. I knew some of these where about but since last update they seem to have got a lot worse. Every time I log in I have to check my ships are where I left them.

Atmospheric physics are also bugged. You can clearly see this on ships with only thrusters in one direction + RCS. The way the ships brake is just… impossible… Also when hitting the speed limit the physics start acting weird because the limit counts towards all directions and you can use this to abruptly brake in one direction.

Actually now that I think about it, the SI is often also bugged on larger structures when not spawning them from blueprint. Projectile and collisions are also bugged/disabled (leading to several exploits in the process) and there is something like a rounding problem because stuff jitters far out in space and I’m getting closer to figuring out how to teleport ships over short distances (yes you can do this) Basically ALL physics/movements are bugged.

Early Access… Doubt they fix that in 5.0.