How to downsize your vessels

As you noticed, most of your vessels suddenly have a ridiculous size increase in 6.6.

Solution very easy :
Load your vessel in creative mode
Save your vessel in creative mode

… you have lost 1-2 size levels.
Cool ehh ?

Welcome to early access xd

Still my 5 size project went to 18… after your solution its still 16 :confused:

Darkayen you must have over 10000 blocks for that to happen, my blueprint bank blueprint with like 50000 blocks has class 17 :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need tips and tricks on how to design good ships, feel free to ask,
“Thranirum shipyards building better Ships”

38490 to be preceise… its a big base pyramid designed for pve 121x121 wide and 61 high. It took 98% of possible max 5 size :confused: Well I have some ideas regarding building a good ship. I will need to create them first :smiley: I saw already similiar ideas on this server so I think it won’t be bad :slight_smile: Also I’ve found a good way to protect gatlinguns :slight_smile: They can be protected by for example 20 hardened blocks and still shoot without any problems :smiley: But AFAIK guided missles are the best in SV vs SV fights right? Some help regarding best weapons to use for SV for PVP would be great :slight_smile:

In general you are right Darkayen, guided missiles are best in PVP vs other SV as it is difficult as hell to hit an agile target with other weapons.

Your protection for the weapons is clever but not allowed on the HWS server.

What also works if you have an agile SV : Build all weapons into and fire them as macro chain. You must be very close harrassing your foe to make this tactics work.

Good to know. Thanks! Is there any built macro in empyrion so I could create such chain?

Unfortunately not, i use my macro on the Razer Naga Action mouse.

Destroying a size one hovercraft in just one salvo hehe.

The same devasting Firepower vs SV, unfortunately difficult to hit a skilled pilot with it :frowning:

Lol Dark Miracle with his macro idea again. I would love to see a video of you showing us how overpowered this is in a real fight, btw. Not an insult, genuinely interested in how it is that you came to the conclusion that it was such an issue. Perhaps bring said macro to the next Sunday SV Showdown?

Using macro to fire your weapons = Terrible player. God gave us fingers for a reason!

I will show you personal when you visit my fortress line on Homeworld :slight_smile:

Eleon changed something about that. Guns no longer shoot through blocks or other parts blocking the shot. If you use an fast agile SV and want to fire while strafing you have to place the guns in the front of the vessel.

They also changed something with the weapon groups, macro fire is no longer of advantage.

So we all go with super agile fighters armed with 4x guided missiles now :frowning:

Macro fire was never an advantage, more of a disadvantage! I can share link to video of an enemy of ours, using a macro while fighting me… He misses almost every shot! Sorry man but the fingers will always win. :joy: I myself, am not the best pilot but you can see the enemy using a macro and missing a lot!