How Was Base Found @ 100KM

I had a base and CV parked out about 100KM from GF. However, @rezzybeans and @Epithetical were somehow miraculously able to find it and destroy it.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I’m not mad at all about losing the base and CV. It is part of PVP, however I have done the math and I felt that at 100KM it was more or less impossible for someone to find you. Even with a dedicated search it would take far too long. I am just curious to hear how this could have happened. Hopefully the perpetrators themselves will answer just how they were able to do this.

I have attached an image proving the distance at which my base was located.

There was a white ship called vinividivici right next to your other 2 ships, be more careful about what you de-core near your ships in the future.

haha, big fail :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, big fail indeed. I was careful to destroy everything else and removed the core last. I had thought that would prevent it light up on the grid, I guess I have learned my lesson. Thank you Epithetical for being such an excellent teacher in this regard :-). Happy hunting :slight_smile:

key lesson learned, if you are going to strip down a ship, don’t do it near your hidden base LOL

also, did you like the look of my gut truck CV? I was planning on painting it to look like a cow. Thought that was appropriate since it was my farm CV. I was inspired by your pirate ship design.

You mean this? We skinned your cat/bear/dog/cow thing. Then blew it up.

poor little bertha, she served me well.

lol I was there