HUGE problem with Freelancer

So a lot of new people coming to server, not knowing the problem with being Freelancer. Once they learn the difference they are all Frustrated. Ive helped the ones i could, but there needs to be a definate warning on the freelancer about the faction. They see the cool name, and choose it.


Before people join the server there is this awesome link
From there they can move on to more information.

Anyways… we have some plans for Freelancer in the future which will tackle this. But people who do read the description at the very beginning they know that they are just Freelancer. Everybody and still nobody.

Cool, just a problem i was seeing today. Most thought all of the factions were the same.

The REAL problem is that people just find the server due to it’s high population and cant be bothered to check the website. They then feel in-titled and start complaining :slight_smile: Just wait after Wipe of starter world on Friday :slight_smile: The I Did not know it was going to wipe. …

It would be possible to put the guide link and somehow require them to read the guide before they can enter the server, something like a code at the end of the guide and a location on the server login screen that enables the choices, so no one will be able Say that did not know … since you will have to enter the code to release the choice, it would be something like the codes that verifies if you are not a robot on some sites …