HWS 1.7 | Roadmap

Hey guys,

What’s coming next:
[li] we especially preparing a complete rework of the factions. More benefits for different factions [/li]
[li] a lot better way how the Economy system is working along the Auto Miner and general gameplay [/li]
[li] a modified Universe to make traveling easier and allow PvP and PvE in different systems. So everyone have his favorite gameplay on HWS [/li]
[li] finalizing our Cross Server Warp feature [/li][/ul]

We thank you all for your feedback on what we do. That is helping us really really well. We want to take care of your needs and try to make HWS the best server out there.

If you have any questions just let us know - we are happy to answer them!
Your HWS Team

I honestly think we should be grateful for the work you’ve put into this server. You don’t even play the game that often, but you’ve become quite a pillar of the EGS community by implementing all this cool code and sharing it with others (to an extent). Seriously dude, give yourself some credit :slight_smile:

I agree, Rex and Jascha you guys are legends :slight_smile: No other server can pull such stuff and no other has such energy and dedication :slight_smile: