HWS 3.4 Patch

Hey guys,

we updated to the long awaited 3.4 patch!
Let’s hope that it will fix the lags and lost stuff problems!

We fixing currently some changes they made regarding items in case you got banned. Hold on a bit.

Your HWS Team

P.S.: we had to clear Gold Federation on EU again to let meteorites spawn. Please don’t shoot the Deposits with your weapons!

I have seen many people using this method as a faster way of mining. Is it causing issues? Whilst not ‘realistic’ I would like to see deposits and meteorites invulnerable to gunfire but thats a different issue to be discussed elsewhere.

A change I have noticed with this patch is that they have fixed the drone exploit which allowed people to fly the drone through buildings to find the ghosted cores or take loot from NPC structures. Tested on single player.

Yes, the Ores popping out are also destroyed from splash damage and missleading information to the World.dat file where the percentage of the deposits are saved. So there is 23% left, but in reality nothing there anymore.

Patch 3.4 blending my CV with my SV

TheRaven. Can you give some details about the ship.

Are they melted together? CV and SV things in device list.
ID of the ship
When did you notice it? did you do something to it?

Would be nice, since I linked this topics for the devs to look into.


Are they melted together? CV and SV things in device list.

Had my SV parked on my CV. raided some poi on HWS camplain hopped on planet for a minute then flew back to my ship.

ID of the ship

ID=7046010 Stability patch 3.4

When did you notice it?

When i got in range of my ship

did you do something to it?

added generator because it was gone

I will leave the ship in campain for you.

I expect massive rewards and showered in gold and resources for my troubles :wink:

my SV was still there

To set expectations - expect a cookie - possibly an old mouldy one Rexx has been sat on for the past few weeks whilst dealing with all the bugs. :smiley:


As part of Raven’s faction, I will accept the cookie on his behalf.


I had 10 pentaxid for fuel yesterday on my automines (all level 1) and now today I only have 1. Is this possibly part of the new patch?

It cost 1 Pentax per auto miner resource, you have all at level 1 you say

9 x 1 =…:wink:

Ah weird, thank you! They were all saying 10 when I filled them, so that must have thrown me off.