HWS 7th Anniversary! πŸ™ŒπŸŽ†

Good Morning @everyone,
it’s sunny outside right now and I’m sitting in my chair nostalgic again :relieved:

Today, 7 years ago, Jascha and I started our first HWS server, HWS EU.
After we have both met each other in 2015 on a PvP server, trying to fight us through a base, I discovered later that I can access game files on my PC.
I learned more and more how to create my own planets, sectors and universe and then just started for fun a HWS server, paying out of my own pocket.
After some players joined, I discovered quickly that something is fishy going on in their inventories. I then realized that items from the Player inventory are stored in the player.ply file, decoded as HEX format. That was the start for Jascha to shine, encrypting those bits and showing that to me in our first EAH tool.
Since then EAH and HWS grew and became popular more and more. Later in 2016, I started the second HWS NA server.
HWS EU had 177 players at peak and HWS NA 170 players.
We had a lot of try and error, especially in PvP and overall a great time.
2020 RE EU and 2022 RE NA joined the HWS infrastructure, with equal success.

Seven years, packed with up’s and down’s and countless of hours into everything. What started as a fun project, turned somehow into a living.
Because of you. It’s always unbelievable how you guys appreciate and support what we do, for so long. Even going further and supporting us on Patreon, to make sure HWS stays alive for many years to come. This is my vision and dedication - as long as this game is available, well and I’m alive, you will always find HWS in your MP Lobby! <:hwsstar:535932728886034439>

I can’t thank you enough, making my hobby to a living, fulfill my passion about making games, testing games, coding websites, helping other people, teaching other people and learning every day something new in each category.
Additionally thanking also all those, that helped us, making HWS to what it is now - the most populated Empyrion MP server in the world.

As** 7th Anniversary gift there is a -17% discount** running on our support us page (https://support.hws.global - as Patron up to -87%).
Last but not least my highest priority is to full release HWS+, bringing our old HWS EU and HWS NA servers back to glory as good as possible.
It will be a big year and I appreciate you being part of it and hopefully of course, enjoying your time on HWS!
RexXxuS & Jascha