HWS+ Alpha Release | Out now

Dear HWS Community,

after 1,5 years, it’s finally happening and we are releasing HWS+Alpha.

Hands down… I was not able to finish everything I wanted to finish.
I failed to deliver everything I wanted to and I’m honestly sorry and depressed about that.
I’m sorry in advance but I want to tell you in full transparency: this is an Alpha version.

You are invited to be a first-hand tester on a new gameplay, that once it’s fully balanced, should be quite a positive game changer for both PvE and PvP.
You also can expect that on basically each server restart from now on, until the next full wipe, something new (missing) is gonna be added.
The next months I’m commited to finalze everything with your feedback, something I probably missed the most, while I tried to do everything by my own…

I can explain in very detail, what happened the last 1,5 years, what took my time and why I didn’t work on HWS+ for the most part, but I think most of you just don’t want to hear it here. Feel free to write me a PM and I can explain it to you.

Maybe a quick list, what is not finished / needs feedback from you:

  • playfield descriptions not accurate (can be done during a season)
  • planets not updated to the new 1.8 deco (can be done during a season but need a planet wipe)
  • balancing (on Shield, Crafting Templates, Damages) (can be done during a season)
  • the big campaign needs more depth (but should be playable, can be done during a season)
  • space sectors are here and there place holders (can be done during a season but needs a playfield wipe)
  • some dialogue logic needs an update (can be done during a season)
  • some other config files needs an update (can be done during a season)
  • many HWS Features needs to be reconfigured - new playfields, new zone setups
  • Supporter Playfields will be ready for the 11pm restart

What is ready for feedback:

  • the biggest implementation: the Elemental Weapon System. See here:
EWS² Info Graphic

  • the Element Planets, POIs and Bosses (which you will find in PvE and PvP)
  • The Star Fragment Expansion and Time Space Continuum Generator Charge campaign
  • A lot of new Dialogue Missions and Quests (thanks to @Dr.Dark )
  • New resource planets, dedicated for PvP gameplay
  • A reworked Volume system. Regular items all have 0 volume but Commodity Items need Volume Capacity = ships to transport
  • New Blocks and Items
  • New custom NPCs

For those, who are willing to test HWS+ Alpha, please feel free to send me feedback, best via github issues here: Issues · B-iggy/HWS-Plus-Creative-Scenario · GitHub
For the rest, who wants a ready-to-play HWS+ Scenario, please wait 1 season.

Thank you everyone for your patience and continous support!
Your HWS Team


Hello RexXxus, thank you for all the work you’ve done.
Will the current servers be maintained? I play on HWS RE EU, should I expect a full reboot. Or HWS+ Alpha will be on a new server?
Cordially Osreik.

HWS RE servers will keep running like normal, until the 25th, where they’ll be full wiped. After that they start up again, still in RE scenario, your OCD will remains and such like normal.

All four HWS servers have a full wipe every 90th day.

HWS+ runs on HWS EU and NA, and RE runs on HWS RE EU and RE NA.