HWS Connect | Changelog



HWS Connect 3.8.2 | 23.02.2018

Add: Kill Board - see your kill stats (excluded alliance and faction member kills)
Add: Stealth and Un-Stealth individual structures
Add: Blocks column for Tax
Change: Reorder sidebar menu Stealth <> Proximity entry
Change: Total Tax wording and styles
Fix: Stealthing buttons
Fix: Some typos


HWS Connect 3.8.4 | 28.02.2018

Change: Kill Board is now on the front page, after you logged in
Fix: Some styles


HWS Connect 3.8.6 | 02.03.2018

Change: EGS Stealth data is now requested per click as well
Fix: EGS Un-stealth for one ship didn’t work on NA


HWS Connect 3.9.0 | 13.04.2018

Add: %SALE% column for the HWS Marketplace to see when the next Unit Price reduction will happen (sortable)


HWS Connect 3.9.1 | 01.05.2018

Add: missing Donation options in the Player Info
Add: Prototype name if you are Prototype
Change: HWS Marketplace SALE value for 0 day
Fix: missing / wrong style for Modal windows
Fix: layout issues in the Hunter Board
Fix: Donation keep bp card wrong boolean


HWS Connect 3.9.2 | 20.05.2018

Add: Vote for HWS (Vote for HWS | Rewards inclusive)


HWS Connect 3.9.3 | 22.05.2018

Add: Counter for Vote HWS feature Vote for HWS | Rewards inclusive
Add: Vote on frontpage hws.global
Fix: Wrong template


HWS Connect 3.9.4 | 23.05.2018

Add: GDPR law suit for HWS Connect ( HWS and GDPR )
Fix: Some HWS Vote issues
Fix: zero votes no reward


HWS Connect 3.9.5 | 25.05.2018

Add: Vote for HWS in the sidebar
Fix: possible missing stats on vote claim click


HWS Connect 3.9.6 | 28.05.2018

Fix: Major transfer leak if a delay happens. Matched all data transfer to unique ID now to make it 100% stable — hopefully®. Please check all HWS Connect transfer features such as Daily Loot, Vote reward, HWS Marketplace, etc.


HWS Connect 3.9.7 | 25.06.2018

Add: Internal Logging system for some buttons


HWS Connect 3.9.8 | 01.08.2018

Add: Enhanced logs
Change: Internal Vote system


HWS Connect 4.0.0 | 9.10.2018

Add: Support Us section | Convert your Reputation Points to HWS Ingots and buy every supporter package with your ingame progression
Add: Patreon <> HWS Connect integration | Once we verified that you are really a Patron, you get the proper level and can set yourself in the Database, so everyone can see you are Patron (optional). Keep in mind: for now this verification process is manual. Later it will be automated.
Add: First work in progress of OCD Filter (Patron Tier 1 reward. More to come.
Change: Font size and white spacing to have more room for content
Change: Better HWS Marketplace search
Change: Better sidebar layout and design
Change: More interaction logs in the backend
Change: The header navigation is now hidden behind a menu. That leaves room for your server and name to have a better overview on what server you are currently browsing
Fix: Updated to more web security standards
Fix: Database query improvement
Fix: Layout issues
Fix: Server time in the sidebar should work properly now
Fix: Faction chat layout issue
Fix: Performance of some function calls

New HWS Support Us system | HWS Ingots | HWS Connect v4 | HWS Patreon

HWS Connect 4.0.1 | 9.10.2018

Add: Patreon Goal 1 and 2 (OCD Filter and HWS Marketplace Filter)
Change: The HWS Marketplace Filter / Search is faster and better now
Fix: Profile settings in Hotview issues
Fix: Fix Patron check for OCD Filter


HWS Connect 4.0.2 | 16.10.2018

Fix: Fix Patron check for HWS Marketplace Filter
Fix: Fix Patron only on one server (no CSW made)
Fix: Fix Mobile Navigation missing entries
Fix: Fix style issues in modals


HWS Connect 4.1.0 | 24.10.2018

Add: HWS Connect Settings | properly in the sidebar
Add: More Hotviews for Patrons (first version, work in progress)
Add: Prepared in the background (not active yet): HWS Marketplace proper filter + OCD Buy possibility + OCD Sell possibility
Change: HWS Marketplace performance | it’s all at one page again without a “Load More” Button. I still try to improve the speed a bit more


HWS Connect 4.2.1 | 02.11.2018

Add: Patreon Goal 4 (More Hotviews)
Add: Patreon Goal 6 (Buy / Sell via OCD / HWS Marketplace)
Change: HWS Config better layout in Tabs
Change: HWS Marketplace modal setup
Fix: Hotview not working for NA guys
Fix: Fix OCD PDA delivery from NA
Fix: Fix some missing notifications


HWS Connect 4.2.2 | 04.11.2018

Add: Become Patreon Button in Header
Change: Highlight Support Us in HWS Connect
Fix: HWS Connect mobile header in Desktop mode


HWS Connect 4.2.3 | 09.11.2018

Add: Add “Auto Daily Loot” (for Patron HWS Veteran and up. Type co:info in the chat)
Add: Support Us main page is back
Add: missing “stop to OCD” for HWS Marketplace (Patron)
Change: Daily Loot is covered in EAH and instead of 3PM at 9AM now
Fix: inputs in Supporter missing after HWS Ingot toggle
Fix: mobile navigation had wrong active state
Fix: some button not working correctly


HWS Connect 4.2.4 | 11.11.2018

Change: Our Vote claim is now bound to 9AM (cb:time - server time). We simplified all the “tasks”, you might do. ~9AM is now the trigger time for almost everything — taxes, eb interest, daily loot, vote reward, faction RP, etc.
Fix: Vote countdown time not worked properly. Adjusted to point above
Fix: Cleanup of legacy files