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HWS Connect Changelog


Add: If you didn’t claim your Daily Loot it will popup automatically after the second visit now as a gentle reminder
Add: new card: Player Log to see all activities along HWS! See screenshots below
Change: Implemented better version of HWS Connect cards. Especially for smartphones
Fix: Scroll to top button



Change: Renamed Intruder Log to Proximity Log and some inner table heads for better understanding


Add: Bounty (credits) is now visible on the Hunter Board! Have fun hunting :wink:


Add: The server time in the sidebar. Good for your get support tickets for example


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All legacy HWS Changelogs integrated to this topic

HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.9.3

Implemented EGS Stealth card for HWS 6.X.X and the copy ID button in the Structure Commander for EGS Stealth

Add: EGS Stealth Card and functionality
Add: Copy ID + string button for EGS Stealth
Previous Patch Notes

HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.9.2

Replaced old item images with new high resolution ones. Changed the HWS NPC Trader to fit the actual POI design and logic. Adapted Sanctuary HWS Connect cards to reduce confusion

Change: New item images
Change: New HWS NPC Trader logic
Change: Removed some cards from Sanctuary

HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.9.1

Activated the third HWS Server - HWS Sanctuary!

Add: Third HWS Server - HWS Sanctuary

HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.9.0

Major improvement of the information modals! Now they are fetched via API straight away from the (forum) Guide! No legacy / wrong double information anymore!

Add: More information modals such as Universe and Hunter Board
Change: Static information information replaced by API forum posts

HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.8.0

Fixed regressions from the XML to CSV switch. Hide Deleted Structures work again in Hot View settings and HWS Universe shows you the structures if you typed “fa:scan” (active).

Add: Independent OAM Fuel
Fix: Hide deleted structures not working
Fix: ??? still in HWS Universe even though you activated fa:scan
Fix: HWS Community
Change: Remove HWS EU PvE Card and Player Counter
Change: Player Donation values show “Yes / No” now instead of "True / False"
Change: Donations are linked to the actual player progress. E.g. OCD level 5 says “Yes” now even though you didn’t donate for OCD level 5 but got it elsewhere

HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.7.0

Major improvement to backend file security! Thanks for the report! Also massive improvement by switching from XML to CSV files (file size reduction by more than 100%)

Change: security update for ajax files
Change: switch from XML to CSV files

HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.6.0

Added finally Elemental Lottery to the Elemental Bank card!

Add: Elemental Lottery added to Elemental Bank card
Add: Updated the card image for 6.0

HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.5.0

Added three new columns to HWS Universe!

Add: HWS Garage! Read here for more information
Add: A lot new columns for the structure commander! And information in a new modal popup
Fix: Some overall improvements to Universe and cards

HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.4.0

Added three new columns to HWS Universe!

Add: Is it taxed column to see which playfield is taxed
Add: Is it RP restricted / How much RP needed like Eden for example
Add: Is it faction restricted. This shows you straight away if you have access to this planet at all
Add: Better user text regarding true / false -> Yes / No now
HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.3.0

Add: HWS PvE Server is now also online! Enjoy
Change: Some visuals
Fix: Text in the information modals

HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.2.0

With HWS 5.0 you can expect a lot coming for HWS Connect also! Slowly but steady we going the road that you can play Empyrion soon in many aspects over this website. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Add: Global Scan in HWS Universe. Get your 150 RP to have the ultimate ability! This is the first version of an integrated gameplay between the website and the game. More of this coming in the future :slight_smile:
Change: New HWS Connect welcome page (slider)
Change: Elemental Blackmarket - stay tuned :slight_smile:
Change: Elemental Garage - stay tuned :slight_smile:
Change: Update OCD information
Fix: Even more security practices
Fix: Some performance improvements. Still working on a faster speed
Fix: Origin shown as undefined
Fix: NA player got player data from EU server, sorry

HWS Connect Patch Notes - 1.1.0

Still in preparation phase for the big HWS Connect 2.0 update. Till then I secured HWS Connect a lot in the backend and did some visual updates

Added: new entrance layout. Let me know how you like it.
Fixed: HTTP referer

HWS Connect 3.0 | 19.01.2018

New: HWS Connect 3.0! Read more: NEW HWS Connect 3.0 | Revolution how to play Empyrion

HWS Connect 3.1.0 | 20.01.2018

Add: Add more buttons like whisper to players in the Player PDA (Player Info)
Change: Remove Daily Loot and Skill Tree banner and add buttons again. Easier to find.
Change: HWS Skill Tree layout
Fix: HWS Connect Skill Tree DOM hack
Fix: Left icon sidebar not scrolling
Fix: Daily Loot wording claim “now” appeared twice

HWS Connect 3.1.1 | 21.01.2018

Add: HWS Marketplace “Buy Offer” button.
Fix: Daily Loot did not work for the past (> 1 day)
Fix: Wrong layout if you are banned / not played on a specific server

HWS Connect 3.1.3 | 22.01.2018

Add: HWS Marketplace “Edit Offer” button. Edit your offers like price change or stop order.
Add: HWS Marketplace Search + Filter input.
Add: Refresh of your OCD and OAM if you click the icon again.
Fix: Daily Loot relative time format until 3PM (dev branch only. If test is successful tomorrow I’ll release it)
Fix: Some layout issues here and there.

HWS Connect 3.1.4 | 23.01.2018

Change: Daily Loot relative time format until 3PM. Now new player don’t get one loot for free but the system is like the eb interest system where you have a given time range to get it.

HWS Connect 3.1.5 | 24.01.2018

Add: Implement HWS Garage Buy button to get the specific ship.

HWS Connect 3.1.7 | 26.01.2018

Change: Different styles for certain pages
Fix: Table sort does not work for HWS Structure Commander and Proximity Log
Fix: Proximity Log Clear button does not work
Fix: HWS Marketplace Filter / Search does hide table header for sorting

HWS Connect 3.1.8 | 27.01.2018

Fix: Fetching Data loader for empty features such as OCD

HWS Connect 3.2.2 | 29.01.2018

Add: new and massive backend refactoring of the whole infrastructure
Fix: XHR exploit magic
Fix: Some style fixes
Fix: POST injections
Fix: expired session id actions

HWS Connect 3.2.5 | 30.01.2018

Change: table alignments, some colors and different number format
Fix: Some style fixes
Fix: more POST injections / session issues

HWS Connect 3.2.8 | 31.01.2018

Add: better layout for HWS Universe with different tabs and sections
Fix: Final POST injections
Fix: Session expired too often / fast

HWS Connect 3.2.9 | 01.02.2018

Fix: Styles here and there
Fix: Show daily loot first time
Fix: Hotview I

HWS Connect 3.3.1 | 02.02.2018

Add: Access HWS Connect login from any page
Change: New Sidebar Icons and reposition some
Fix: Hotview II, enjoy

HWS Connect 3.4.0 | 03.02.2018

Add: OCD usage over the website. Almost all interactions can be done with buttons now
Add: OAM usage over the website. Almost all interactions can be done with buttons now
Fix: Daily Loot check

HWS Connect 3.6.5 | 04.02.2018

Add: Structure Control. Almost all interactions can be done with buttons now such as Recycle, Destroy, Stealth, etc.
Add: Elemental Bank PDA. Almost all interactions can be done with buttons now such as cointocr, send credits to players, etc.
Add: OAM get all button in the OAM PDA
Change: Reorder Structure Commander Delete column and facelift it
Change: Reorder OAM PDA fuel all and get all ores to top
Fix: Show Manage button on deleted structures
Fix: Some styles / consistency
Fix: Hotview not saving persistent for new players
Fix: Structure Commander sort by Type
Fix: Sidebar reload icon missing
Fix: Structure Commander spinner infinite loop even though you have no structures
Fix: Elemental Bank column center fix
Fix: Set Bounty over Connect does not work

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