HWS Connect daily loot/voting system not working

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What happened:
=> HWS Connect daily loot not working as well as daily vote. Whenever I try to vote it says you have aready voted. Whenever I try to get daily loot it says “offline”, whether I’m ingame or not. This is happening for more than a week now and I still cannot level up my character!

Player(s) with issue:
=> CypressTheGreat

=> HWS EU Freelancer Origin

Time (cb:time):
=> more than a week of missed loot/votes

=> All of them

Structure Name(s):
=> /

Structure ID(s):
=> /

How can we help you now:
=> Please check what is with my account. My husband (steam: matic89) who plays from the same room/IP address has no issues whatsoever.
Thank you for your assistance!

Have you tried to do the vote/daily before him?


Welcome to HWS @CypressTheGreat

this does not sound like a HWS issue.
Have you other guys around you? Family? Do you vote with your computer more than once?
Only one IP address can vote for one server.

Hmm yeah, maybe @Hayawen find something?

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