HWS Connect info

I wanted to find some information about the auto miner today.
I tried using the Chat Bot command am:info, which directed me to HWS connect.
However when going to HWS connect I log in via steam and select the server HWS EU which I play on, I get a message saying I have not played on the server.
I have at least 7 hours of gameplay on the server, so I was wondering if there was a bug or other issue with it or a lower limit for how long I have to play before I can see this information.

Also any information you can provide on how both the Auto miner and OCD works and how to use them would be appreciated as its still unclear to me, and I have been unable to find any concrete information on this.
If I have just missed/overlooked it please direct me to where I can find more information.

Dunno when you looked up HWS Connect but it has a 2 minte delay till it gets the information from the game.

So please try again - choosing EU Server.

About Auto Miner → please go to HWS Connect → Auto Miner card → green button upper right for all information about Auto Miner
About OCD → please go there too → OCD card → green button upper right for all information about OCD there.

Or read it in the forum:

I found the problem, its my browser.
My regular browser just cant seem to access the page the way its supposed to.
I had to resort to using Internet Explorer to see it properly.

I think I found a bit of an error with the OCD though.
According to the information on the HWS connect site, a level 5 OCD has 100 storage slots.
As I have already donated I automatically have a level 5 OCD.
When using the OCD:info command it says my OCD is level 5, but only has 70 slots, not 100 as the website says.

So either the website is incorrect or the ingame information is incorrect.

Thanks, yep we know the typo error. Jascha is fixing it at the moment :slight_smile:
Glad you sorted it out.
I developed it for Firefox, Chrome and IE. Strange if it is the browser.

Not really so strange since the browser I use is not supported.
I use Opera, but since I can use IE I’ll manage

yeah sure, then it is not strange :wink:
But since Opera uses the Blink engine I assume you are the old fan boy of opera 12 with mail client and stuff? :wink:

Yes I use 12.18, but not for the mail client as I don’t use that at all.
I used the browser for a long time and I like it, the reason I use Opera 12 is because the newer version lack many of the options and flexibility the 12 version has, they cut a number of options and features.
And I have yet to find a browser that I think is a good alternative, but that also means I need to use IE for some pages due to incompatibility with some pages and other issues with displaying and interacting with pages.

Haa, good old days. I know. I used Opera years over years till they screwed up with their new policy.
For Web Developers there is nothing better than Chrome but in your case I recommend Vivaldi (former Boss of Opera: vivaldi.com/) You will like it.