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The Orbital Cargo Drone is an ultimate and exclusive feature to HWS where you can store your inventory from your player into a virtual Cargo Box maintained using the external tool: the Orbital Cargo Drone. Your items are safe there and you can get them at special conditions. There are seven upgrade levels determining the slot count, and number of items per slot. The OCD should be considered a safe deposit vault, rather than a magical backpack, and as such may only be accessed in PVE Playfields (other than starter) using specific commands in faction chat. See charts below.

Visit https://cmd.hws.global or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type ocd:? for all available commands

Orbital Cargo Drone Level Prices

  • OCD Level 1 - free
  • OCD Level 2 - 125,000 Credits
  • OCD Level 3 - 300,000 Credits (Up-gradable with donation)
  • OCD Level 4 - 600,000 Credits
  • OCD Level 5 - 7,000,000 Credits (Up-gradable with donation)
  • OCD Level 6 - 70,000,000
  • OCD Level 7 - 700,000,000

Orbital Cargo Drone Slot Count

Slots increase with the level of the OCD:

  • OCD Level 1 - 7 Slots
  • OCD Level 2 - 15 Slots
  • OCD Level 3 - 30 Slots (Up-gradable with donation)
  • OCD Level 4 - 70 Slots
  • OCD Level 5 - 100 Slots (Up-gradable with donation)
  • OCD Level 6 - 130 Slots
  • OCD level 7 - 170 Slots

Orbital Cargo Drone Slot Amount Limit

Each slot is limited to a quantity which increases per level:

  • OCD Level 1 - 100 of one item
  • OCD Level 2 - 500 of one item
  • OCD Level 3 - 1,000 of one item (Up-gradable with donation)
  • OCD Level 4 - 7,000 of one item
  • OCD Level 5 - 50,000 of one item (Up-gradable with donation)
  • OCD Level 6 - 60,000
  • OCD Level 7 - 70,000

Example: if you have 999 Large Fuel Packs in your hand-slot 1 and 500 Large Fuel Packs in your hand-slot 2 you can type ocd:put:1 and then 10 seconds later ocd:put:2. Then you can check online on HWS Connect after approximately 15 minutes that in your slot 1 of OCD you have 1499 Large Fuel Packs. The items are available for withdrawal immediately, this time is simply for the website to update.

  • You may also type ocd:put in faction chat in order to pull up a deposit interface. Anything placed in this virtual box will attempt to be placed into the OCD. If there are restricted items or there is not enough room, the interface will re-open and return these items. If you are moving large amounts of items, placing the first item in the bottom right box will then allow you to shift move stacks into this interface.

Orbital Cargo Drone Origin cooldowns

(OCD Level 7 Only while in PVP)

Each Origin has different cooldowns in getting / putting items:

Alliance: 1h GET / 10m PUT
Freelancer: 1h GET / 20m PUT
Lawless: 1h GET / 30m PUT

Orbital Cargo Drone - Advanced Features

OCD’s that have been upgraded to level 5 or higher receive additional benefits that may allow major advantages, but they are not cheap by any means!

  • OCD level 5 (and above) - you can store Alien Cores
  • OCD level 6 - you can put Gold Ingots / Gold Ores / Gold Coins, Moneycard / Epic Weapons / Auto Miner Cores / Armour Boosts in your OCD / Weapon Kits
  • OCD level 7 - you can use OCD with the given cooldowns in PvP playfields

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