HWS Custom Crosshairs | Patch 1.4 Modding

Good Evening HWS Community
with the server restart just happened I have changed the default crosshair on HWS.
I like it clean and simple, so please let me know what you think about it.
See it here quick in action:

I can change the crosshair also per (ship) weapon if necessary (check out the Grenade Launcher for example).

Furthermore I adjusted the Blast Damage and Radius of devices and weapons in a first iteration. Please give me feedback about it.


very nice! just wondering if there is a way to have it change color when pointing at player/NPC that is different than pointing at a block. currently we have white = no hit, red = hitable target. a 3rd color for NPC and 4th for players would be great if possible.

As far as I know, nope, that is not possible :frowning:

Yeah you can only do the two colors currently, or remove the red color completely and just use the white color(my preference).

I’m not at fan at all of the red and never have been, it blends into too many backgrounds.

The new crosshair looks great. I like the idea of it changing for different player held weapons and the green circle showing when you can interact with something.
But, I am not a fan of the red/white color changing. For me, it flickers back and forth as I am running around and makes it difficult to focus/ look at. I linked a short gif that shows what I am referring to.
Crosshair Color Flickering

Thanks for the feedback and cool that you like it.

The flickering is not something I can control though.
It’s also happening in Vanilla Singleplayer. I just tested it:

I will ask Eleon to fix it though.


No worries!
I didn’t think it was something you could control :slight_smile: Good to know it isn’t just a me having something on a weird setting though. I appreciate the communication!

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A giant improvement over the stock crosshairs!

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This is a great improvement over the old crosshairs. The bright green is much more visible than the old dark red. If it were just a little bigger I’d like it even more.

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Looks good chief :+1::+1: simple and clean

much easier to see now. a little fine tuning comes next. suggestion to have the dot changed to a small circle. exceptions would be some of the weapons (sniper, rocket, grenade, ect)

is it possible to do multiple colors?


but that crosshair consumes quite a lot of visible space

was just an example i found. i would love to design my own but wouldn’t know where to start. my photoshop skills are non-existent :frowning: