HWS Donation 2.0 - a new way of supporting us

Hey guys,

as mentioned I worked almost 1 week for the new donation page and I really hope you like it.

The new donation page

The main thing we addressed is that you can’t forget to put your username anymore and added a lot more variations in supporting us and getting some nice stuff back in return.
We still keep a distance of the standard pay2win packages like instant X resources or getting ships or whatever.
The only thing which influence your game directly is the “HWS Donator” package but restricted by your playtime and the NPC Trader which is also kind of delayed bonus.
You can find more information to each packages in clicking either on the image or the round “i” icon.

We tried to focus more on the “after full wipe” topic and hope we have something for you to create a win-win situation.

So of course you can leave a feedback on that or have suggestions for other things how you can support us.

Keep in mind that this is not the focus on HWS, even though we are really thankful for it and appreciate it a lot!

Your HWS Team

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I like this, it’s not pay2win, but it still is other ways to support the server and get something back with it.

I’m a little confused by your personal NPC trader - is there more information coming on this?

Yeah sorry, the donation page took me a lot of work and the NPC Trader is still only on paper, no showcase for now.
I spawn the first two in NPC Economy and NPC Military later today.

The personal trader is an upgrade of these basically. A bit information is shown if you click on the (i) or the image on the NPC Trader card.

Basically the steps are following:
you say you want to have a package: 1000 5.8mm ammo and 50 Sentry Gun Turrets
then you say where you want to have this NPC Trader. Let’s say on HWS PvE Start on a shop you placed there.
Now if people visit this shop they can type “tn:buy”. This will buy them 1 of this package for a given price. Let’s say 50000 credits.
50000 credits will now be taken from their bank and placed to YOUR bank. :slight_smile:

Could there be a way to donate per Paysafe?

Great work Rexxxus !!!

So for €20 i can have a CR generating machine - just place an NPC trader - don’t have to fill it, stuff magically appears and when people buy stuff I profit - AWESOME

I practically no longer have to log into the game!!! :frowning:

I will look into it how to setup

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More ways to pay - more donators - more profit!!! Trust me, i am a Trader :smirk_cat:

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Added a new card to the page. Just in case someone wants to feel free.

Custom donation amount

No package the right one? You just want to support our hard work? Thank you! If the amount is above 10€ you get the HWS Donator automatically.
If it is over 20€ you can tell us what of the additional packages you want additionally.

First feature, first learnings :wink: We will adjust it coming days.
There will be a limit of each faction differently. Traders will benefit from their RP though.