HWS ECC MISSIONS more players

Hello , Please is it possible to make the number of players that go to the missions in ECC sector more the 4 players , can it be like 8 or 10 , cause we love to make these mission for group fun not for the loot cause nothing there much to loot , can it possible please .

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for what i can see on different servers, it would be possible!
This is all up to @RexXxuS to think about! Will maybe be a part of hws+ in a few time

Certain missions do allow more than four. Mojority of missions in ecc can be done solo after a few attempts. Im not sure but if you go to the tomb of horrors in the racom you can take more. That can be solo done after many attempts but for all the loot you can carry + more you need a minimum 4 guys :wink:

The missions are great fun even with 4. Too many players make missions too easy to get to the hard loot. Its supposed to be a challenge not a walk in the park :grin:

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