HWS Forum 2.0 ;) Welcome everyone to the new forum + hoster

Hey guys,
wtf is this here?! :wink:

A complete new forum which cost me one whole day to setup. It is discourse, running in a Docker container and hosted by our new Hoster Digitalocean.
But enough of this dry stuff.

ATTENTION: I imported everything from the old forum but you need propably to refresh your password once! Just click on “forgot password” and you are good to go!

We hope you enjoy the new experience here since the main focus is to have fun discussing and share your thoughts / problems.

Everyone of you got an email / notification with the way how this forum works. Please read it and if you still have problems let us know.

Everything what is new is at the beginning a bit strange and clumsy but you get used to it quite quick, promise :slight_smile:

So happy discussing!

Your HWS Team

It looks awful. I much preferred the old forum.

Every change from something known is awful. I needed some time for it too.
I will adjust the styles here and there over time though.

Theres some nice features one here but it will definitely take some getting used to!!

As a suggestion can we get a breadcrumb navigation so its easy to get back to the front page or into the subforums when we are in the lower forums?

indeed. Let’s give it some time.

Trying it Kalsius. Thanks for the suggestion…

Btw. clicking in the header / the logo will bring you back to the start page. But searching for a breadcrumb though.

Also, where is the mark all topics read? I have loads of stuff showing as unread when I know it is read, is there a userguide for this new software? I am so used phpBB and it’s clones, this is all new and shiny :smiley:

hehe, yes. First click in the top right corner (your profile icon). There should be a “Welcome message” for you.
There is a “dismiss” button if you click on a conversation at the top right of the thread then.

Yeah I got the dismiss thing in each conversation but the old forum allowed you to dismiss all topics in a forum or subforum. I really cant be bothered having to go into every thread to dismiss it!!

When you are at the front page just click on unread. There is the button for every conversation :slight_smile:

It is a kind of new experience but basically very easy. Just not known :wink:

  1. there is a back button to be on the upper level again. Remember this is all ASYNC technique. You don’t need a refresh to get data. As soon as something happens you know it.
  2. The header is sticky. Just click on the tag to come back to the upper level:
  3. if you are already at the bottom you can also click on the category tag:


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It´s cool that we have a new forum, buuuuuut… It remembers me off a website which tried to be like Facebook and never get popular, what was the name… Hmm, oh yes, it was called “Google +”

I kind of like it! It will take a little getting used to, but it does have some nice features.

And the only thing wrong with Google+ was it wasn’t Facebook.

This is actually kind of neat, not used to this layout for forums, but hey, I’m just glad they’re back online!

(And that was dirty having us do math to see when the server was back up…)

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Haha @Dr.Mit :wink:
Hmm it is not really orienting to Google+ it is more the way modern ux works.
If you find the needed clicks here you will enjoy it like I am enjoying it already.
Though I make some adjustments here and there. Nothing is perfect :wink:

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