HWS Garage SV Diablo

What happened to the Diablo (21 rocket SV)?

Don’t see it anymore on the Garage page or at ECC/Origin planets. I like the idea of 21 rockets if it could be restored…

Of course you do … who wouldnt :smiley:

Its currently out of stock. There’s a strike at the Zirax Alien Tech HQ due to the fact a worker went ballistic and shot all his co-workers. They’d have respawned, but someone cored the base and now his bosses expect him to make all the ships, so he downed tools. Could be a lengthy dispute …


Guess I’ll have to head over and sort things out. With guns…

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good luck finding the factory, we been searching for ages … we always meet a representative in the Galactic Hilton car park.

Wait, isn’t that near the 10cent hooker alley?

Think they gave me the clap last time…

Damn I gotta get my priorities in line.

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Thats the one!! :rofl:

this is my favorite thread now…

You got the clap too?

Or you talking about the diablo?