HWS Garage Thoughts

Hi all,

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has visited HWS Garage since the start of HWS7. Special thanks to everyone who has bought a ship, contributed a design, given me words of encouragement, words of discouragement, words of critique and complimentary type words.

During the past few weeks as well as tears of joy, there have been a few tears of misery with regard to the some of the ships features, namely some vessels being a little OP. I can appreciate the shouts and I can see where some of you are coming from in some of the cases, however I would like to gauge a broader opinion as to how the community feels about the garage and what we’re doing here. There has been a lot of time and effort put in and every nerf causes me a little disappointment and a fresh batch of work.

I think with regard to The CV’s we made the right choice. The BA turrets on a CV were a game changer (or rather a game regress) and not great for the general populous. The Mjolnir, however, Im not so sure about, but we’ve nerfed it anyway. Clearly Im not “playing” the game any more, (sniff) and can only draw on past experience.

Really interested to read any other constructive comments about ANY aspect of the garage. (Favourite ship, least favourite ship etc etc)

Thanks again for all the support,

Your HWS Team

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Of all the Garage ships that did not deserve a nerf, the Draupnir was on the top of that list.

It was very well balanced, 6 Base rockets are not going to make any particular ship OP even if you tear it down to just the core and turrets.

The Mjolnir as we all know, is VERY powerful. It is also VERY limited in it’s capabilities as it is a Hover and can only move in 2 dimensions, without external help. I can’t argue that it’s highly overpowered, and if it stayed as it was, but the cost was doubled or even tripled, it would be more fair.

The september was a joke. Being able to stack on another full set of full-damage turrets (it only had Base turrets initially) on top of the already ludicrous firepower it held was nuts. We made that very evident on the first actual deployment we used it on.

The other garage ships all feel very… amicable. The Consano is very valuable as it allows you to repair your CV’s anywhere, mid fight, even at the trade off of having to stop and power down. The Maur and some of the others with constructors and repair and cargo are also very nice to have as personal “base ships” in a small package.

I haven’t had the opportunity to put the Kolfskot or the new V-wing through rugged testing and field modifications to better say whether or not they are strong, but I imagine with their loadouts they can be made into monsters.

Other than that, I’ll openly admit it was kind of naive to implement most of these ships without regard to player ingenuity and creativity but it is often something that gets overlooked when implementing features or restrictions.

All in all, I am extremely impressed with all of the aesthetics of the garage ships and they all look wonderful (with few exceptions, at least internally) and I have to congratulate you on creating a marvelous and entirely unique system of ships.


I feel like the Mjolnir nerf isn’t justified. I already felt bad about the draupnir nerf. It didn’t have any features that in the long run would make it OP and already voiced it… I can pop 10 micro bases with only rockets. And here we go - 40 rocket launchers. They’re so cheap its almost as if i were mobile with them.

Draupnir had benefits, that nicely used would be profitable, and would actually make a challenge to fight. An offline base got destroyed using it?
Well, its not like it would have fared better if swarmed with giant SVs, but like that it gives some gameplay variation.

Mjolnir was strong, but far from Overpowered or indestructible. It had strong guns, but as any HV it had (many) downsides. How many were destroyed so far? On the other hand it was fun to drive and fight against, gave some difference from your usuall anoying bricks.

Sadly, aparently anything that can be strong if used with skill is deemable OP if someone get mad apfter being shot at.

I like the garage - it offers a viadle range of cool stuff to use (even when sometimes is see some flaws in their designs… still love you @DeeExpus). I consider some ships more usefull than others, but in general i love the aesthetic the aesthetics and the utility allows for some fun over what’s usually available…
Personally i prefer the utility ships (maur, furnace, recon, X7) over the battle ones (kolfscot, prometheus) as sadly any battle feature lost (such as overnumber guns) can’t be recovered.

While it may be wise to consult with players to see for good and bad sides of different ships before release, i’m afrraid that backing off from turrets modifications will limit the potential of the garage to SVs and maye some CVs.

I was very happy to see the introductions of HVs and CVs with BA turrets, even when i knew their powers, and that i would need to fight them.


All the combat garage ships are super over powered, in my hands atleast. CV Drive systems allow 14 thousand block combat sv that is class 1. Mjolnir is/was more powerful than the cv base turrets which had already been nerfed. It upsets the game balance and player confidence when they cannot build something that can compete.


Personally i cant see why nerf these garage ship. Lots of work went into them and thought and dare to say some pride. Only reason i see ppl complaining coz the dont wonna give the thought to counter then or avoid. This is what we call endgame content and this is what keeps players playing.So you cant fight it get one the to fight it. Really guys if complaints is all we have why even play.

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Thing is we are using them to great effect, but my hope is it will expedite their nerfing.

This. It gives people something to aim for buying, that’s not a 70 million OCD6 (unattainable for many) or a 700 million OCD7 (now unattainable by all)

Bravo Dee, these new garage ships are masterpieces, I love my X7 and want a Maur (and a Diablo etc etc) . Don’t be disheartened if players ask for nerfs, the Mjolnir is beatable alone but on NA they were running around in packs of 3-5 of them, making them seem like horsemen of the apocalypse…

The cheapest garage ship is 2 million for an awesome and stimulating fun playing option. You don’t have to be a rich player to have a garage ship.

May I suggest that putting CV RCS on a SV is extremely broken, as pointed out above. T2 CV RCS is worth 3,333 SV RCS ? WTF ??? This allows players to add thousands more armour blocks with no reduction in turning speed.

Don’t be put off about making modifications, you are making them closer to being “fit for purpose” whatever meta that may be


Hey I must say I love that Garage! And Ships are very nice!


BUYABLE ALIENCORES! So you could put in aliencores in your own ship! That would be great!


please don’t sell alien cores to Stunner.
he will capture all galaxy !


Buy a Maur and strip it down to the alien core and the CV powertrain. Or even better, get a Diablo…

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no no noooooo. I would bring love and peace to the Galaxy!!! trust me! With unlimited energy I could help so much more!

Yeah did that more times. But it sux. Must build complete new ships. I want to spawn my Ship. buy a Aliencore for 10kk Credits and chance it. If it not works then calling the great Admin and they must put this core into my ship :smiley:

and you ready to buy alien cores for 10kk ? really ?
10 alien cores for 1 billion credits ? agreed ?

Being able to pay a fee to have your ship re spawned with an alien core would be a decent garage thing, it wouldnt terribly unbalance pvp.

Yes why not?

Lol why? Base Turrets on CV or HV like now unbalanced pvp but not aliencores. You only get unlimited energie and O2. That makes your SV / HV / CV not stronger in fights…

I think you misread what I said

ups yes I did sorry^^

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and tesla 10x 10kk = 100kk not a billion

1 “billion” is 100 million, or 1000 million, depending where you live

Let’s just call it an even 13.

that must be noobs :smiley:

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