HWS Gold Mining 6.0

Hey Rex,

I notice that you can’t completely destroy some meteorites on planets that have Xterrain. Noticed it a lot today when I was mining gold and some meteorites wouldn’t disappear entirely. So far I’ve only notice this issue on planets with indescrutible terrain.

Hey Ran,

yes, good observation.
Sigh, I know that these “Xterrain” are a new feature and mostly should provide awesome performance.
However placeable stuff like auto miner and generators disappear on them, blueprints needs to be spawned accurately and meteorites are sometimes not reachable.
The meteorites are the least problem since they are set to always so they will come no matter if they are drilled or not.

I don’t want to get rid of the performance idea completely except on Donator planets but rather pushing the Devs to fix these.

I’m on it and sorry for the inconveniences.

Thanks Rex, glad to hear it.

The only concern is that there’s a limited number of Gold meteorites so if you can’t destroy them no new ones will spawn.

But, if it’ll be fixed at some point we can just be patient :slight_smile:

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