HWS Guide / wikianer - topic suggestion and expansion

I think the guide should include a section addressing specific situations. In some cases, such as bugs - explain the expected player action. In others, explain what is/is not permitted.

Similar to the ammo drain example - but made a separate topical section and greatly expanded.

Possible Examples:

Warp bug spawned me in a players ship/base - can i attack said base?
Its a donator restricted planet - but i could enter it anyway, can i live there?
Building rules: can i float turrets? Can i put turrets under water / underground? Can i float devices (fully airgap all around)?

Some of these may be answered in various areas of the guide, some ive only found forum discussions with opinions, but no official answer. Answers can be hard to track down.

I think devoting a section to bring this type of info under 1 section does two things:

Makes it more likely to be read and understood
Admins job is a little easier - “go directly to jail - it says clearly in section X , that is not permitted”.

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Agreed, Should be helpful… if people use it. The downside here, is that it may verbalize some grey area exploits that people would not have known about in the first place.

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True, a tight rope to walk. Perhaps a general principle could be, if its been discussed in the forum or discord - therefore its already “in public”, then consider it for inclusion in the guide.

General rule is to not openly discuss or share exploits, even to tell you what not to do. We typically try to get it patched so there is not exploit before we discuss it.