HWS+ & HWS RE OCD Global Usage grace period

Good Morning @everyone
thanks for a relative calm HWS+ season start! Great to see many of you back.
The controversy about being able to use OCD globally is quite big. I slept over it and establish a new “rule” about it.
For HWS+ and HWS RE I’ll allow global OCD/Recycle usage 7 days before a full wipe and 7 days after a full wipe. 2 days.
Please note that in the future more OCD Zones are spread around the whole universe as well (All Racom Stations for example).

Being able to use the OCD at the start and at the end is a vital point for the players and I want to support that.
But throughout a season I got too much, reasonable, feedback to not allow that and break the core gameplay of the game (logistics, looting, PvP, etc.)

Have a great Sunday.