Hws iPhone/Android app

Hey @Jascha @RexXxuS what about an hws app for Apple/Android? I soul gladly pay 1€ for it. maybe something integrate with forum and discord channel!!! Do you think i am a too high dreamer?

Hey, thanks a lot.
Actually we also dream about it. Had a plan for it since a year…
But time and also knowledge is missing :frowning:
Not sure when we will be able to do that. We would need some help maybe to get started.

The Android App is coming 100% in 2018 :slight_smile:

Discord integration will be tricky though

Android !?!?!? NUOOOOOO I have apple ;_;

I am speacking of Discord but a General CHat integration like the discord new feature is good(just to keep track of the game on cell)
The most important is the informations and the Loot Bonus