HWS is a great server


I just wanted to give some (positive) feedback to you all that make HWS what it is. I am an old gamer and have been playing games since the 80’s and have never quit :-). The last 15 years it has mostly been mmo’s and other larger online games and let me tell you, HWS is up there with the best servers I’ve been registered to. The community is awesome and people like @Jascha, @Bob, @Dr.Dark and @Pjams are very friendly and helpful and that is what I see every day in the chat and on discord, a community willing to help and being friendly! To actually have access to GM’s is a first for me!

Empyrion is such an unforgiving game and HWS is makes it even harder (which is awesome by the way) and there is pvp. A good recipe for a tough community. But not here! :slight_smile:

Awesome work @RexXxuS and @Jascha! I’m also a seasoned IT consultant who has done a fair bit of coding myself and also managed software projects and I know how tough it is to have a stable and bug free version/environment. This makes it an even bigger AWESOME! for you guys to do this on your free time (my guess is that you have a regular life as well)!

Also, I really like the idea that Eleon Game Studios “support” the modding community by letting a server like HWS exist with their on unique mods and content! There are other games like this and for me as a gamer who like diversity in my games I really support this and have the greatest respect for people who do this (often on their free time).

See you in a (or)bit!