HWS OCD Sorting feature request

If it possible maybe add this feature? Now in my OCD is completely mess. If we will have this feature we can make our ocd more organized! Make it in web.

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You mean what is already implemented? Clicking on the header of the columns?

No i mean - sorting positions of items in ocd. For example. I have madkit in slot 1 but i want put it to 10 slot.

AKA, Easily reassign ocd to a new slot…

e.g. "OCD:Move:11:23"
Command to move resource slot 11 to slot 23.

MY own OCD causes me to wish OCD had this feature. Its not game breaking by any means what so ever, but my OCD would love my OCD to have all ingots in a row, lol.

This is very long planned. Jascha tries to build it asap.

It might be easier to just do a simple checkbox / drop down “List Box”. Check the item you want to move, select the slot you want to put it in. If the slot is taken the item in the slot goes to the first available slot. Easily done via a web page if the items are already held in any type of DB “flat file, mysql, mssql, osql.”


You have 41 items in your 100 slot OCD. You want to move item 26 to slot 16, you check item 26 select 16 and your item in slot 16 moves to slot 41.

Why not just be able to swap two slots, if the other is empty?
I know y’all are overloaded as is, but this would be phenomenal interaction on the website, if we could go in and reorganize our OCD, and possibly print out a txt file of the contents with a timestamp. Then long term, possibly showing your player contents on the website as well, and possibly true connect bases inventory management, no in server command lines. I know there is going to be an issue with the update rate of connect, and a lot of potential for bugs. But this would bring the ocd to a whole new level.

Hehe, sure sure guys, all easy peasy if it would be like that :wink:
There is no sql or other database yet. There are no one server etc.

That was my initial goal as I created HWS Connect - playing the game with my smartphone from anywhere. And it will come. Period ^.^’

But some infrastructure must be done before. After that… pfff :wink: