HWS owns my base?

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What happened: i logged in and half of my base belongs to hws
Player(s) with issue: j3ah00d
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 2:40 PM
Playfield: Freelancer Moon
Structure Name(s): Dont remember but its TPP
Structure ID(s): Dont have it
How can we help you now: I cant access anything in my base it comes up as HWS Moon Base Alpha

You might want to provide the info the admins need to fix the problem. Get the structure id from


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I changed it back to your Faction., but you need to change ownership. You and your faction mades got warnings long before about removing that base by the system. Its over the limit.
So do it immediately after login in please.
Also you need to provide ID and/or Name next time. You can easily find it over HWS Connect, or console “di” command.

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