HWS Penthouse



If you want your own private House without stress and grief of others you can get a HWS Penthouse.

There are 2 variations available:

Trend Penthouse

Japanese Penthouse

General Information

  • 25 per version on one planet
  • Only Steam ID’s of Penthouse Owners may enter
  • The planet is PvE, terrain indestructible and your house is indestructible and only accessible by you
  • 1 CV + 1 SV + 1 HV (all private) allowed to park near your penthouse
  • Only Private Structures allowed there. Do not change it to faction.
  • You can only have one per server
  • no additional bases allowed there
  • No POIs there
  • Only Common Resource Rocks are available** as resource
  • Always let us know if you changed your ingame name so we can match it again properly to the Penthouse
  • contact @RexXxuS please if you want your Penthouse near your friends for example
  • First come, first serve
  • Penthouse won’t be deleted due to visit timer or other. Lasts the entire season.
  • Penthouse cannot be edited or amended in any way (only colorized)
  • after a season it gets set to Adm faction again if not re-supporting us